Meg Connell can help. Whether you are an heir or trustee handling an estate, a corporate executive, business owner, employee, homemaker, or an individual seeking assistance, Meg is a whirlwind - infusing energy, beauty, and practicality into any situation or environment.

You've run out of ideas
You've never learned how to be organized
You want your home/office/environment to work well and look beautiful
You need to settle an estate and don't know where to start
You need simple systems to bring order out of chaos
You want to have more energy, clarity, and time to focus on the larger goals in your life

As a professional consultant with years of organizing and design experience, Meg Connell provides compassionate, firm guidance to help you create comfortable and functional solutions for your lifestyle.
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location of trusts and wills, paperwork for 706 form, personal property asset management

Filing systems, project management, paper flow management, organizing systems

Closets, garages, attics, basements, kitchens, space design and planning, relocations and move-ins

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