When the situation calls for creative and safe ways to empty a house during Covid, we have partnered with, an online only estate sale auction company. Please check out our past auctions. Estate Planning Professionals: For a directory of estate planning councils in your area or to located an estate planning professional near you, […]

Estate Organizing and Grief

I recently assisted an elder client of mine by being with her at the moment her older sister passed away. Even though my work as an estate organizer has presented me with many opportunities to observe the grieving process in my clients in the past, I had never been this close to the experience. Witnessing […]

“The C.H.A.O.S. Clinic” (2004 UK TV Show)

In the summer of 2004, Meg filmed a British comedy television show,“The C.H.A.O.S. Clinic” a wacky, wily, comedy for people who “Can’t Have Anyone Over Syndrome,” (a very highly disorganized state of living!) The show was a tongue-in-cheek reality-ish depiction of a self–help clinic that happens to be the last hope for people afflicted with hoarding, […]

A Note to Attorneys

Do you have older clients, or families who are already overwhelmed with managing their own lives, and suddenly find themselves inheriting another’s estate? Are you often asked by these clients if you can “help” with the inherited contents of a home? When heirs are faced with dividing up items that were unspecified in the will, […]

Safe Deposit Box Contents

Ever wonder what papers should be kept in a safe deposit box? The following is a very comprehensive list. You don’t have to put all of the items below into your box; this is just a good list to start with. Once you decide what items you are going to store there, keep a list […]

What Does an Estate Organizer Do?

Estate Organizers specialize in handling the personal, tangible property items during the process of settling an estate, as well as assisting the professionals, individuals, and families involved. When a client finds us, or an attorney first refers a client to an Estate Organizer, the person has usually just suffered a loss. Not only is this […]

Testimonials for TheOrganizedOne

Meg is worth her weight in gold! –Bernadette S., Research Lawyer   Once again I’d like to thank you and everyone associated with your company for all the hard work you did, and did with such sensitivity and efficiency. It made a difficult process a lot less overwhelming for my brother and myself. I was […]

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